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Our SAT tutoring service, created for students who want to achieve success in a short time, is provided by SAT English teachers and SAT Mathematics teachers with 14+ years of experience. Contact us now for the best SAT tutoring service with the best SAT tutors. SAT assignments and SAT practice exams are applied to our students along with the SAT questions that have been issued.

TestPrep only works with teachers in all exam preparation programs. We certainly do not work with students and recent graduates. That’s why TestPrep’s SAT average is 1420 out of 1600. All of our SAT classes are taught by SAT teachers with at least 14 years of experience. Both parts of the exam (Maths and English) have different teachers.

SAT Tutoring Targets 1500+ Points

SAT tutoring, which we recommend for students who want to make up for their deficiencies in a short time or who are not suitable for sat courses, allows you to prepare in the best way. If you want to prepare for all SAT topics, we recommend SAT Tutoring Packages.

If you want to take SAT lessons without a package, you can start preparing for the SAT with flexible or fixed courses. If you wish, you can take only English or only Mathematics lessons.

Thanks to the SAT assignments given after each lesson, you will both reinforce what you have learned and be ready for the next topic. When you finish the topics, you start the SAT practice tests with the approval of your teachers and experience the real exam environment.

If you have prepared for the SAT before and scored 1350 points or more on the exam, we recommend SAT private lessons, not SAT group lessons. In order to get 1500+ points from the SAT exam, it is very important to work with experienced instructors who are well-versed in the exam and know the test system. This is the main reason why TestPrep works with experienced teachers.

If you want to start preparing for the SAT now, you can contact us right away and you can match with the most suitable SAT teacher and start classes at the most convenient time for you.

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SAT Reasoning

Private Tutoring


Per Lesson

Single 90-minute lesson on TestPrep Interactive Online Platform with 14+ Years Experienced SAT Tutor

 You can choose from Mathematics or English lessons.
You can take lessons on any topic you want.
You can create a lesson program according to your own convenient hours.

Şimdiye kadar aldığım SAT dersleri arasında en iyisi diyorum. Kurs yeri olarak da son derece yardımcı ve faydalılar. Ben 6 aylık bir hazırlık sonrası 750 İngilizce ve 800 Matematik puanı aldım ve tamamem TestPrep sayesinde..

Test Prep SAT öğrencisi – Ebru

Best Online SAT Courses and SAT Tutoring Experience in Powerful Online Classes

TestPrep’s own software is purely educational. In online classes tailored to the needs of the student, students can share audio, video, slides, chat and screen in real-time. Maximizing the efficiency in group lessons, TestPrep aims to prevent you from wasting time while you learn in the comfort of your home.

Multi-user Whiteboard

With the multi-user whiteboard, you can draw, edit and share with your classmates and teacher in real-time. With the interactive work environment, you will not have any questions in your mind.

Online Homework & SAT Practice Tests

All assignments are handed over to the student immediately after the lesson. Evaluate yourself with online practice tests and increase your scores easily. Get used to the test format and test yourself against the clock.

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  1. Djamila H.
    14 Haziran 2022

    I found TestPrep on the web and I was a little bit indecisive. After the first lesson, all the questions in my mind disappered. I learned how to approach the questions and managing my timing.

    After 4 months of Maths and 2 months of Verbal tutoring, I achieved 1510! It’s a really great score for me as I didn’t think I could reach these scores. I appreciate your patience and support!

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