sat biology subject test coursesSAT Subject Test is divided into Biology Ecology (Biology E) and Biology Molecular (Biology M). Taking this Subject Test can help you tell colleges that you are interested in focusing on science. The Biology Subject Test is an excellent way to understand the basic concepts of the biology you typically learn in high school and to demonstrate your achievements. SAT Biology Course is given by our expert training staff. Our students’ SAT Biology Course performance has always been 760 and above. Please note that this test reflects what is commonly taught in high school. Due to differences in high school classes, most students will find questions about subjects that they are not familiar with. This is not something to worry about. To get the highest score (800) for the test, not every question needs to be correct. Although many students do not examine every issue covered, they do good things.

SAT Biology Ecological (Biology-E)

It focuses more on biological communities, populations and energy flow.

SAT Biology Molecular (Biology-M)

It has turned to biochemistry, cellular structures and processes such as respiration and photosynthesis.

Which SAT Biology Exam Should I Choose?

  • If you feel that you are more comfortable answering questions about biological communities, societies, and energy flow, go to Biology E.
  • If you feel that you are more comfortable answering questions about processes such as biochemistry, cellular structure and respiration and photosynthesis, go to Biology M.
  • Fill in the appropriate environment in your reply form to specify Biology E or Biology M. You must show Biology E or Biology M on your test form on the test day to correctly score the test.
  • You cannot take both tests on the same test date, but you can get test dates on two different test dates.

SAT Biology Exam examines the following skills:

Skills (for both E and M) Approximate % of Test
Fundamental concepts and knowledge 30%
Application 35%
Interpretation 35%

Ability to understand and understand the basic concepts of biology and to apply what they have learned to solve certain problems in biology. To learn simple algebraic concepts including proportions, correct and inverse proportions, and to apply these concepts to solve word problems. To draw or draw conclusions from experimental data, including editing and interpretation of results obtained by observation and experiment, data presented in graphical or tabular form, or both. Familiarity with the metric system of units.

SAT Biology Course covers the following topics:

Content Approximate % of Test
Cellular and molecular biology

Cell structure and organization, mitosis, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, enzymes, biosynthesis, biological chemistry

15% 27%

Energy flow, nutrient cycles, populations, communities, ecosystems, biomes, conservation biology, biodiversity, effects of human intervention

23% 13%

Meiosis, Mendelian genetics, inheritance patterns, molecular genetics, population genetics

15% 20%
Organismal biology

Structure, function, and development of organisms (with emphasis on plants and animals), animal behavior

25% 25%
Evolution and diversity

Origin of life, evidence of evolution, patterns of evolution, natural selection, speciation, classification and diversity of organisms

22% 15%

The SAT Biology Exam recommends the following:

  • One year preparation course in biology.
  • One year course in algebra.
  • Laboratory experience.

Our SAT Biology Course Differences

With our SAT Biology Course support we offer, we aim to get the highest score from SAT Biology department. All of our materials and trainers are certified and our trainers have many years of experience in overseas exams. Students who want to take SAT Biology Course from outside of Istanbul can help with online skype lessons. You can visit our contact page for more information.

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