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In the SAT exam, students’ ability to use the information they have learned in the classroom outside the classroom (including vocabulary and math skills) are tested. In this way, universities will be able to see more easily the ability of students to learn new information and how ready they are to start university education, instead of tight memorization.

The New SAT has evaluated over 1600 points instead of 2400. The essay section has been optional. Students are given 50 minutes to write essays. There will be no point loss due to wrong answers anymore. Every mistake made in the old SAT would drop your 0.25 points. It won’t be like that anymore. Since the first day of the announcement of the changes, we have started to work as an experienced SAT Course and we have prepared all our SAT Course materials in line with the needs of the students.

We make SAT applications of our students together and create the most suitable program for them together!

TestPrep’s SAT Study Program

With our experienced and qualified SAT teachers, we offer an efficient and effective SAT Course service to achieve the targeted score. Our teaching staff, who are specialized in their own subject, provide consultancy services to our students on subjects such as exam strategies and effective time use, which is a very important point for the SAT Exam and SAT Course. With the SAT practice tests we apply weekly, we always keep the condition of the students under the spotlight and provide the necessary measures and supplements. Each part of the SAT test measures a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 800 points.

SAT Test Validity

You can also take the SAT exams to apply to universities in Turkey. Each university has reported its SAT requirements on its website. The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), organized by The College Board, is applied seven times a year in the United States and six times a year in countries outside of the United States. Exams are generally administered every 2 months, applications and registration for exams are made from application centers in the relevant countries or online. There is no limitation for taking the exams. SAT exam results are valid for 2 years.

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I attended both the SAT prep courses and IB courses. The teachers are experienced and the whole team is friendly.
I am satisfied, and I recommend it. Thanks for everything!

Test Prep SAT student – Cansu

Best SAT Private Tutoring Experience with Latest Technology Online Classrooms

TestPrep’s own software is only educational oriented. Students can share audio, video, slide, chat, and screen in real-time in online classes that are tailored to the needs of the student. TestPrep, which maximizes the efficiency in lessons, aims to prevent you from wasting time while giving you lessons in the comfort of your home.

Multi-user Whiteboard

With the multi-user whiteboard, you can draw, edit and share with your classmates and teacher in real time. With the interactive working environment, you will never have any questions.

Online Homework & SAT Practice Tests

All assignments are handed over to the student immediately after class. Evaluate yourself and increase your scores easily with online mock exams. Get used to the test format and test yourself against the time.

Start Studying With Us To Take 1500+ with SAT Courses

Our SAT Course difference is that we are fully prepared for changing exam patterns and work with expert tutors. While providing the support that students need during the whole SAT Course process, we also stand by the students as motivation. The only way to increase exam success is not dependent on the student’s hard work. In this way, as SAT Course, we get high efficiency with few lessons. As our reference students stated in their comments, we owe this success to our disciplined work and student-oriented work. After you start studying with us, you will also start getting one-on-one interviews and support for the student. We follow the entire exam preparation process meticulously. We determine all the student’s deficiencies with our professional instructors and ensure that they progress immediately. Our customized program consists of as many lessons as the student needs and a collection of more than 4100 realistic practice questions. This collection of high-quality content from our top instructors ensures that you always get a new and comprehensive service for the real SAT.

 Tutoring Team with 10+ Years of Experience

While we emphasize discipline as the rule of success, we take care to process the lessons in a way that they will not get bored in order to prevent students from being crushed under discipline. We make this development concrete by including the parents in this process, by monitoring the progress of the student, and by SAT Practice Exams. Although it seems easy, the SAT exam is an exam that should be considered among the other course load of the student. Our biggest goal is for the student to get the highest SAT Score at a time. For this reason, we recommend that our students take the SAT exam when they feel ready. We are happy to be with students and parents in this difficult process.

Test Prep Difference in SAT Preparation

Our students, whom we help with both SAT courses and university applications, are accepted to the high-ranked schools. With our lesson understanding that focuses on the deficiencies of the students and our course support programs that review other subjects, we ensure that students get admission to the universities of their dreams. With our Education Consultancy service, we work to ensure that students who get high scores on the SAT tests get admission to schools with scholarships.. We support students in this intense and stressful process, both as an SAT Course and as an educational coach. We follow the students one by one in this process, which depends on many variables.

Test Prep employs award-winning teachers with extensive classroom and tutoring experience. We make sure that our lessons, based on thousands of hours of real teaching, are taught as effectively as possible. We are constantly creating new courses, getting student feedback, and exploring SAT changes and trends.

With our experienced and qualified SAT teachers, we provide efficient and effective SAT Course service to achieve the targeted success. Our teaching staff, who are specialized in their own major, provide consultancy services to our students on subjects such as exam strategies and effective time use, which is a very important point for the SAT Exam and SAT Course.

All our SAT courses are taught with Test Prep London & Test Prep Istanbul & TestPrep USA quality.